About the song

Easy Love is the latest single from Brandon Duff. Exploring a smoother soul/rnb style of music, it draws inspiration from artists like The Weeknd and Stevie Wonder. The track feels like driving through the city at midnight with the windows down, and sonically sits within a “dragged funk” vibe. 

It was recorded and produced by Stephen Zrnic at Messiah Studios, featuring bass by Dominic Cabusi and keys by Glenn Lumanta. 

The lyrics are a mesh of love and life. Feeling like a waste of space and not getting your shit together, while personifying the creation of music as a romantic interest. Brandon draws on personal experience throughout the song: 

“I wanted to encapsulate a feeling of lazy creativity that most musicians constantly deal with. Feeling as if you might be wasting your time on the pursuit of musical enlightenment, but staying sucked in by the love of the craft.”